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Graduate Coordinator to Teach Pan-Africanism Course in Fall 2013

PanAfricanismCourse“Pan-Africanism,” Justin Dunnavant
Tues 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Thurs 2:00pm
AFA 4931, AFS 4935, ANT 4930

Broadly defining Pan-Africanism as a political and cultural movement as well as an ideology, this course will trace the intellectual genealogy of Pan-African thought into the 20th century. Geographically, we will focus heavily on Pan-Africanism in the United States, England, Africa, and the Caribbean and briefly touch on Pan-Africanism in Latin America and Asia. In addition to the concept of Pan-Africanism, we will explore the related themes of Black Nationalism, Ethiopianism, and Negritude. Lectures will be supplemented with documentary films, recorded speeches, and other multimedia sources.

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