UF’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrates Proyecto Algarabía

Proyecto Algarabía is a global youth movement-building project.

Proyecto Algarabía is UF Hispanic Heritage Month’s official philanthropy cause for 2013!

The Hispanic Heritage Month is a series of events through the month of October celebrating Hispanic Heritage at the University of Florida. HHM’s fundraising and philanthropy efforts are dedicated this year to Proyecto Algarabía, in an effort to empower the youth of Latin America and the Caribbean, and help others achieve their dreams.

Proyecto Algarabía is a global youth movement-building project whose aim is to create platforms that empower youth through intercommunity dialogues, oral history, oral expression, art and theater in local communities in order to stimulate the creation of blueprints for local and regional social justice. Using critical consciousness as a formative method, the project fosters collaborative leadership to address local community issues and their global impact, serving youth living within historically marginalized communities and socially excluding conditions in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world.

Proyecto Algarabía’s workshop curriculum responds to the social needs of local communities using a transdisciplinary and creative teaching platform. Programs are designed to work with, empower and foster agency with youth.

2013 marks Hispanic Heritage Month’s 20th Anniversary at the University of Florida. For more information about the project, visit the website and the UF Hispanic Heritage month website.