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Latina/o Diaspora in the Americas Research Topics and Resources: Oral History Interviews

The Latina/o Diaspora in the Americas Project currently lists 108 oral history interviews in its collection. Audio and interview transcripts can be accessed in the SPOHP offices. Supporters can donate to the Share A Story Campaign to contribute to processing this collection.

Cuban American Woman (CAW)

  • CAW001: Maria Christina Herrera
  • CAW002: Coky Michel
  • CAW003: Uva de Aragon

Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)
with the Coalition for Immokalee Farmworkers based out of Immokalee in South Florida, a worker-based human rights organization with members who are largely Hispanic, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrants working low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida and organizing against labor uses, to end human trafficking, and campaigning for fair food

  • CIW001: Marley Moynahan
  • ANON:   CIW001: Santiago
  • ANON:   CIW 002: Oscar

Community Organizing in America (COA)[left]

  • COA001: Oscar Otzoy
  • COA003: Neidi Dominguez
  • COA004: Marisol Pineda
  • COA005: Sonja Diaz
  • COA006: Lelani Diaz
  • COA008: Bianca Gras
  • COA010: Nichola Corrao
  • COA012: Zaragosa Vargas[/left][right]
  • COA013: Paul Ortiz and Sheila Payne
  • COA013b: Paul Ortiz
  • COA014: Victoria Condor-Williams
  • COA015: Lucas Da Silva
  • COA016: Solymar Sola Negrón
  • COA019A: Jaime Zelaya
  • COA019B: Jaime Zelaya
  • COA021: Victoria Gomez de la Torre
  • COA022: Ines Rios[/right]

Farmworker Association of Florida (FAF)
with the Farmworker Association of Florida based out of Apopka in Central Florida, dedicated to building power among farmworker and rural low-income communities to respond to and gain control over the social, political, workplace, economic, health, and environmental justice issues that impact their lives

  • FAF004: Tirso Moreno
  • FAF010: Yesica Ramirez
  • FAF016: Fernando Cueves Sr.
  • FAF023: Mireya Ledesma
  • FAF024: Miguel Zelaya

Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars (FOS)
with the Florida Opportunity Scholars Program at the University of Florida, an initiative to ensure first-generation students from low income families have the resources they need to be successful in higher education

  • FOS006: Helmuth Gonzalez
  • FOS007: Juan Prade

Florida Queer History (FQH)

  • FQH003: Hiram Ruiz

Fair Trade Coffee Nicaragua (FTCN)

  • FTCN001: Tripp Pomeroy
  • FTCN002: Mike Woodard
  • FTCN003: Lonna Harkrader
  • FTCN004: Rodney North
  • FTCN005: Monika Firl
  • FTCN006: Paul Ortiz

Hispanic Heritage Month:

  • HHM001: Agassy Rodriguez
  • HHM002: Paola Rodriguez

Immigration History in America[left]

  • IHA001: Paul Pedro Ortiz
  • IHA002: Ramona Alcantara
  • IHA003: Laura Bonilla
  • IHA004: Mary Lara[/left][right]
  • IHA005: Juan Nuñez
  • IHA006A: Adelaida Ferrer
  • IHA006B: Adelaida Ferrer
  • IHA007: Ramon Ferrer
  • IHA008: Gerald Murray[/right]

Nuestras Historias: [left]

  • NH001: Paul Ortiz
  • NH002: Rafarl Cruzado
  • NH003: Kayla Tran
  • NH004: Gilberto Sanchez
  • NH005: Michael Sataypor
  • NH006: Carlos Hondal
  • NH007: Carla Rodriguez
  • NH008: Eric Hernandez Castillo
  • NH009: Ellen Kostewicz
  • NH010: Jose Miranda
  • NH011: Jose Soto
  • NH012: Solansh Hernandez
  • NH013: Victor Yengle
  • NH014: Victoria Condor-Williams
  • NH015: Phillip Williams
  • NH016: Anthony Castro
  • NH017: Paola Rodriguez[/left][right]
  • NH018: Katherine Barko-Alva
  • NH019: Natalia Leal-Toro
  • NH020: Genesis Lara
  • NH021: Eric Castillo and Nathalia Ochoa
  • NH022: Davier Rodriguez
  • NH023: Patricia Tellez-Irvin
  • NH024: Vanessa Carlo-Miranda
  • NH025: Richard Phillips
  • NH026: Liana Guerra
  • NH027: Agassy Rodriguez
  • NH028: Yareliz Mendez-Zamora
  • NH029: Diego Castillo
  • NH030: Sara Awartani
  • NH031: Gabriela Alvarez
  • NH032: Yaissy Solis
  • NH033: Carmen Lopez-Ramirez
  • NH034: Antony Darce
  • NH035: Andrea Ramos
  • NH036: Stephanie Torres
  • NH037: Maria Viviana Delgado[/right]

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF)
with Student Action with Farmworkers, bringing students and farmworkers together to share resources and skills, build diverse coalitions for social change, and improve conditions for farmworkers [left]

  • SAF001: Kandra Strauss-Riggs
  • SAF002: Bart Evans
  • SAF003: Greg McClure
  • SAF004: Guillermo Raya
  • SAF005: Guadalupe Arce
  • SAF006: John Moses
  • SAF006B: John Moses
  • SAF007: Adriana Sanchez
  • SAF008: Charles Webster[/left][right]
  • SAF009: Maria Mandujano
  • SAF010: Rachel Craft
  • SAF011: Lori Khamala
  • SAF012: Carolyn Corrie
  • SAF013: Diego Lopez
  • SAF014: Leanne Murphy
  • SAF015: Raul Arce
  • SAF016: Levi Vonk[/right]

Tucson Ethnic Studies:

  • TES001: Sarah Rusk
  • TES002: Curtis Acosta
  • TES003: Lorenzo Lopez Jr,.
  • TES004: José Gonzalez
  • TES005: Maria Brummer
  • TES006: Sean Arce

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