Fall 2015 Internship Class Podcasts (coordinated by Kyle Bridge and Meagan Frenzer): International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Fall 2015 interns produced podcasts on about the local history of the IBEW. Image from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Wikipedia article.

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To date, 90+ oral history podcasts are available on the University of Florida’s Digital Collections website, including final projects for internship classes, as well as the Summer 2013 seminar and original SPOHP podcast series, released in 2009. Browse the following highlights for more information, and visit the UFDC to download the many available series.

To access information about individual podcasts, scroll through the UFDC collection. Podcasts below are from the Fall 2015 internship class. All podcasts are 15 minutes or less to facilitate easy access to local history for students, teachers, and the general public.

Judith Davis: The Breakdown of Gender Stereotyping in the IBEW (created by Richelle Moore) 07:01

As the first woman to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in the entire state of Florida, Judy Davis (IBEW-007) describes her trials and subsequent success as a journeyman/wireman.

J. Hobert Davis: Generational Differences with the IBEW (created by Cyndal Houts) 04:20

Cyndal Houts talks with John Davis and John Hobert Davis (IBEW-008) about their lives in the IBEW and the generational differences between John Hobert Davis’ time as a journeyman electrician and his son, John Davis’, time as a journeyman electrician.  Both gentlemen had interesting and funny stories to share about the challenges and fun they had in their careers.

Julian Weeks: A Life of Electrical Work (created by Lara Alqasem) 06:14

Julian Weeks (IBEW-009) grew up in the Gainesville area as the son of two farmers, without any knowledge of unions or a distinct idea of his intentions as far as a career. In this podcast, he shares his experiences with local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and discusses the impact he believes it had on his life, as well as the role of unions in general regarding tradespeople.

Theron Hunter: Big Time on the Brotherhood (created by Anupa Kotipyina) 05:34

Former IBEW Local 1205 business manager and president Theron Hunter (IBEW-010) describes some of the benefits, economic and social, of being part of the brotherhood. He also reflects on changes in the union, from greater diversity in its membership to the challenges of recent decades.

Charles Worley: The Benefits of the Brotherhood (created by Danielle Rose) 06:01

In this podcast, Charles Worley (IBEW-013) describes his forty-year career as a journeyman electrician and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. He explains the benefits of being a union member, despite some of its difficulties, and touches upon some of the changes that have occurred during his time in the union.

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