March 6, Pleasant Street Historic Society Fundraiser – Claronelle Smith Griffin Distinguished Speaker Banquet with Dr. David Jackson

The Pleasant Street Historic Society is dedicated to preserving, promoting, and protecting the history of the Pleasant Street neighborhood and African American history in Alachua County. The PSHS is raising money to rehabilitate and re-use the Smith-Griffin House as an exhibit museum for Black History.

On March 6, PSHS will host the annual Claronelle Smith Distinguished Speaker Banquet and fundraiser. The event will feature speaker Dr. David Jackson, Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate College at FAMU.

Dr. Jackson has a Masters in Applied Social Sciences and Public Administration and a Doctorate of Philosophy in History. Dr. Jackson is recognized as “one of Florida A&M University’s most published professors,” and has published over three dozen scholarly articles, book chapters, short essays, and book reviews.

For more information please visit the Pleasant Street Historic Society Facebook page.

Pleasant Street holds a rich heritage as a cultural and social center dating to the first years after Gainesville’s founding.  The neighborhood grew following the Civil War when emancipated African Americans relocated to Gainesville and established the neighborhood’s many churches, businesses, and homes.


Today, Pleasant Street is one of Gainesville’s five historic districts.  Its diverse population includes people from all walks of life and backgrounds.  Neighbors include lifetime residents, young families, college students and professionals.


The neighborhood is home to the Santa Fe Community College Blount Center and many locally owned businesses.  Downtown Gainesville and the University of Florida are only a short walk away.
-Pleasant Street Historic Society

Photo from the Pleasant Street Historic Society.