Spring 2018 Internship: The Jacob Lawrence Project

This semester-long academic internship is available to graduate and undergraduate students for credit. In partnership with the Harn Museum, SPOHP, and The Actors’ Warehouse Community Theater, interns will develop an original site-specific performance by exploring connections between archived oral history interviews with Black residents of North Central Florida and iconic artwork by Jacob Lawrence (harn.ufl.edu/jacoblawrence).

Once this thematic analysis is complete, we will search the SPOHP archive for oral histories from local community members that reflect the themes in Lawrence’s work. After oral histories are matched to artwork, we will begin the process of translating the oral histories into monologues, scenes, movement pieces, and songs to be performed next to the artwork.

By interpreting themes of Lawrence’s masterworks through oral history, participants will gain insight into the role of the artist as change-maker and community leader. Through the dialogue initiated by drawing on local voices to reinterpret these images, audiences will have the opportunity to directly connect the exhibit themes to issues in their own communities.


Download the Spring 2018 SPOHP Internship App here!

Applications are due by December 1, 2017


For more information check out http://oral.history.ufl.edu/research/education/internship-program/,

contact Jeff Pufahl at jpufahl@arts.ufl.edu or Ryan Morini at ryan.s.morini@gmail.com,

or visit us in the SPOHP offices at 240-250 Pugh Hall


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