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New Course Offered: A Black and Latinx History of the Gator Nation

For the Spring Semester 2019, SPOHP and African American Studies will be offering a course titled “A Black and Latinx History of the Gator Nation.” Students will be able to draw on hundreds of interviews about UF history, as well as correspondence and other documents archived both with SPOHP and with the Smathers Libraries. Students will also conduct interviews with Black and Latinx alumni, faculty, and staff, and may be able to digitize new archival materials from individuals’ private collections.
For spring 2019, there will be particular emphasis on the histories of the Institute of Black Culture (IBC) and Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures (La Casita). SPOHP is currently producing two documentaries on those houses which will be released in March, and students in this course will create a podcast series that explores particular stories and themes from these histories in greater detail. The founding of the two houses was connected to national and international currents, including the Black Campus Movement, the Chicano Movement, the Puerto Rican movement, and various other student and faculty organizing efforts to establish Ethnic Studies programs and institutes. These histories extend well beyond UF and the state of Florida, speaking directly to issues of diversity and inclusion in U.S. society overall.
Please email Ryan Morinior stop by his office at Pugh 247 for further details.
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