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Solidarity Sessions: Healthcare Disparities and the Coronavirus

The Solidarity Sessions team is continuing its commitment to foster discussions centered on Black and Latinx issues. We intend to continue our originally scheduled Solidarity Sessions at the institutes whenever campus is reopened. However, while COVID-19 is keeping many of us at home to protect our community, now is a critical time to talk about those left most vulnerable by our healthcare system. We are asking for help securing contacts for interviews with those who can speak to Black and Latinx experiences in healthcare in the context of the coronavirus. We will be using these interviews to craft a podcast edition of Solidarity Sessions that informs how our communities are navigating this pandemic.

These contacts include people you know who are:

  • Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, nurses, caretakers or assisted living attendants.
  • Patients or potential patients experiencing boundaries accessing quality care.
  • Scholars or researchers who specialize in the study of healthcare disparities.
  • Activists or organizations whose work focuses on alleviating healthcare disparities within Black, Latinx, low-income, undocumented or incarcerated communities.
  • Any other individuals whose experience is relevant to this dialog.

These contacts do not have to live in Gainesville and should be willing to be interviewed over the phone. These oral history interviews will be archived by the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program within the UF Digital Collections and made available for public access. If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating in the project or if you have any questions please email one or both of our Solidarity Sessions coordinators Aliya Miranda at and Isabella Oliver at

We hope you are all taking care during this difficult time. We’ve loved having discussions with you all this first semester of Solidarity Sessions and we thank you for supporting this series. Stay resilient and supportive of one another! We’ll see you soon.