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References and Citations

When using material from SPOHP or any other historical resource, it is essential to use the correction citation and reference format. Researchers citing SPOHP’s collection must be in compliance with the following copyright notice and reference guidelines.

For Researchers: Reference Guidelines

When writing in history, researchers use Chicago Manual guidelines, standards which are available for free online. Oral histories from the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program are cited in the following way:

  • Transcript, (Name of interviewee), Oral History Interview with (Name of interviewer), (Date of interview), (Page number), Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Collection, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, University of Florida.

This information is available in each interview transcript and audio recording.

For Interviewees and Interviewers: Deed of Gift and Addendum

SPOHP uses an official Deed of Gift form that is signed before each interview, granting SPOHP and the public access to the recording. Interviewers may also use the official Addendum to the Deed of Gift, updated in April 2013, which provides additional data for categorizing and organizing interviews.

Link to Download the sample Deed of Gift in PDF
Deed of Gift (English)
Link to view  sample Addendum













For Family Members, Students and Researchers: Protocol for Corrections to UFDC Transcripts

For technical guidelines and professional standards, SPOHP strives to adhere to the Oral History Association’s recently-updated Principles and Best Practices guidelines.

SPOHP recommends that researchers refer to both the transcript and audio of an interview when conducting their research. Oral history interview transcripts available on the UFDC archive may be in draft or final format based on their completion date, pre- or post- SPOHP’s transition digital records in 2008. Transcribers document oral histories by typing a verbatim document of the original interview, with careful attention to reflect original grammar and word choice of each interviewee.

To submit transcript corrections based on spelling, place and people names, or grammar, please contact us. Due to the complex nature of workflow regarding corrections and changes to archival documents, there is no definitive timeline for processing suggested changes, and submitted corrections will be reviewed and processed on a case-by-case basis. Audio files will not be edited or changed.

Transcripts created pre-2008 will be amended on the UFDC archive with an additional page listing suggested changes and page numbers, to be added after staff complete an audit edit verification process. Transcripts created after 2008 will be amended on UFDC after our archival Word documents and PDF files are updated.

For additional information, contact SPOHP, call the offices at (352) 392-7168, and connect with us online today.