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Welcome to Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

SPOHP is an award-winning, social-justice research center engaged in experiential learning initiatives all over the world. Our team of student researchers, interns, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to gathering, preserving, and promoting living histories of individuals from all walks of life.

SPOHP is committed to using critical historical inquiry and digital humanities production to encourage civic engagement and dialogue between the past, present and the future.

We work to:

  • Make our growing archive of 8000+ oral histories and other historical materials accessible through written transcripts, digital archives, podcast and other mediums
  • Sponsor an ongoing series of public history programs on topics including refugees in contemporary Florida, agricultural workers, the Holocaust, Latinx Studies, African American history and many other topics
  • Teach students the art of oral history through university seminars, hands-on internships, field work opportunities, digital production training and other methods.
  • Build on the legacy of our founder, Dr. Samuel Proctor

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