This year is our 13th annual Mississippi Freedom Project trip where we travel through the Delta region which is the heart of the modern Civil Rights Movement. On this trip, we will continue to help document the legacies of the 1919 Elain Massacre in Phillips County, Arkansas under the direction of the Elain Legacy Center and continue to reflect on the impact of the Civil Rights movement through different communities.

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Our students just got back from another successful and exciting trip doing oral history fieldwork in the Mississippi Delta as part of our Mississippi Freedom Project!

The Mississippi Freedom Project (MFP) is an award-winning archive of 200+ oral history interviews conducted with veterans of the civil rights movement and notable residents of the Mississippi Delta. The collection centers on activism and organizing in partnership with the Sunflower County Civil Rights Organization in Sunflower, Mississippi.

Margaret Stroud Block, long time civil rights activist, passed away June 20 in Cleveland, Mississippi, where she was born and raised. She lectured at universities and organizations throughout the U.S., particularly in the eastern part of the country, on civil rights and current education policies.