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Asian American History Project (ASAH)

The Asian American History Project (ASAH) is an archive of Oral History interviews conducted with Asian Americans within the University of Florida, and throughout the greater South. The collection aims to record the experiences of Asian Americans students at UF, as well as the broader Asian American Experience.

Archival Collections:

Oral history interviews are currently undergoing processing, and interview audio is available to access through the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program offices. Please contact us for more information

Ongoing Projects:



In March of 2018, the UF Asian Alumni Association (AAA) hosted a weekend of events for both alumni and current students to attend. SPOHP staff collaborated with the AAA to interview alumni and record their presidential panel event. The Asian American History Project will continue to work with the Association of Asian Alumni to fill gaps in the history of Asian students and student organizations at the University of Florida. These stories shed light on immigration experiences, the creation and growth of student groups, various forms of student activism, the creation of multicultural spaces and supports for students, the struggle to keep Asian language programs,  and the development of the Asian American Studies minor at UF.


In the Summer of 2018 Zensation, a family-owned Asian retail store in Jacksonville, Florida, announced that it was closing its door on May 31st. Cheyenne Cheng reached out to the family to interview them and document the store’s history. She hopes to document the history of other Asian and Asian American owned businesses throughout Florida.

Project Coordinators:

Cheyenne Cheng

Getting Involved:

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