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Internship Program

The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida offers semester-long academic internships, available to graduate and undergraduate students for 3 credit hours, which serve as an introduction to the field of oral history.

Intern duties include learning oral history methodology and field research techniques, including conducting, transcribing, and audit-editing interviews.

In addition to this core structure, internships are tailored to the strengths of our students: are you interested in event planning? Public relations? Audio and film editing? We have the resources and opportunities to help you.

Course Goals

Each semester, SPOHP seeks motivated students to help to reach program goals. The internship is designed to provide students with an introduction to the field of oral history, as well as hands-on experience in the areas of research, interviewing, processing, technology, and educational outreach. Each semester, interns accomplish several main goals:

  • Build foundational knowledge of oral history methodology and research use
  • Work on oral history interview processing
  • Conduct an original oral history interview
  • Develop a podcast for the UFDC and iTunes broadcast
  • Contribute to the class group video project

Upcoming Internship Courses:

Register today for our fall Oral History Internship!
HIS 4944 (Section 14153)
Fall 2020 Oral History Internship
Mondays, 11:45 – 1:40 (periods 5-6)
SPOHP is offering a 3-credit fall internship through the History Department that will focus on the history of the Catholic community in Gainesville and across North-Central Florida. Over the course of the semester, students will give voice to stories of activism and struggle, and help document the many ways that Catholics in Florida have sought to build more equitable communities. The internship provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of oral history through hands on experience in the following areas:
  • Interviewing and fieldwork methods
  • Transcription and interview processing
  • Digital Humanities production
  • Public history and social media promotion
  • Community engagement and experiential learning
For more information, contact Program Director Paul Ortiz at

Past Internship Courses:

Fall 2019 Veterans History Internship


For the Fall Semester of 2019 SPOHP is offering an internship through UF’s History Department (HIS 4944) that will focus on U.S. military veterans and Homefront experiences in different eras, from World War II to currently enlisted personnel. Students enrolled in this internship will apply Ethnic Studies and oral history approaches to veterans history and conduct primary research in the form of publicly-archived interviews. The internship will be led by VHP coordinator Ann Smith and SPOHP Associate Director Ryan Morini.

Fall 2019 African American Studies Internship


For the Fall 2019 Semester, SPOHP will have an additional internship focused on social movements, AFA 4940, sec. 01B4,  which does not require an application, but which students can also contact Dr. Ryan Morini at Pugh Hall 241 if you have any questions, or contact him by email at <>.

Summer C 2019 Truth and Reconciliation Internship

Link to printable PDF of course flyer:

For the Summer C Semester of 2019, SPOHP is offering a fieldwork-centered internship that centers on the truth and reconciliation efforts currently underway in Alachua County. Students will conduct interviews that go into SPOHP’s public archives, and will have opportunities to travel for interviews and community engagement both within and beyond Alachua County. This internship is offered through African American Studies, and meets Tuesdays during periods 2-3 (9:30am – 12:15pm). Please see the flyer for additional details.

Spring 2019

SPOHP’s Spring Semester 2019 internship will focus on Memory and the Black Freedom Struggle in Florida, and will dovetail with our March 21-23 national symposium, From Segregation to Black Lives Matter. Students will work closely with our African American oral history interviews and other archival materials, and help us to conduct and transcribe new interviews to add to those archives and further explore some of the powerful stories they hold.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Ryan Morini, or stop by his office in 247 Pugh Hall. Applications are due December 7, 2018.

Fall 2018

SPOHP’s Fall 2018 internship focuses on the narratives of women, queer folks, and people of color in the DIY Punk scene both in the U.S. and throughout the wider world. It also focuses on why and how people create these spaces for themselves. We will publicly archive oral history interviews to allow people of color, women, and queer punks to describe their experiences in their own words and voices. What kinds of spaces for resistance and social justice can people create when they overtly reject social norms?

  • SPOHP Intern Opportunities:
  • Interviewing and fieldwork methods and theory
  • Transcription and interview processing
  • Podcasting and audio editing
  • Social media and public event promotion
  • Short documentaries and video editing
  • Public and community engagement and theory

For more information, contact Ryan Morini. Please email applications to SPOHP Internship or deliver to SPOHP offices, Pugh Hall 241.

Internship News, Projects, and Collection Development

  • Dr. Ortiz is teaching an intro to oral history course…
    SPOHP Director Dr. Paul Ortiz is teaching a course this spring on oral history! This interdisciplinary seminar is an intensive introduction to the theory and practice of oral history. Students will have access to the resources of the award-winning Samuel Proctor Oral History Program. We will learn the craft of oral history interviewing and digital production. We will study the ...
  • Our Summer B Intro to Oral History Course Will Focus on FL Farmworker History
    Summer B 2018, July 2 – August 10 AMH 3593: Introduction to Oral History Course Overview This course will introduce students to the theories and methods of oral history. Oral history is an important methodological approach to documenting the past which allows historians to engage directly with narrators who share their life experiences touching on any number of ...
  • From Colored to Black: The Stories of North Central Florida
    We will be sharing nine dramatic vignettes created by our students and performed by members of the local theatre community with our performance, “From Colored to Black: The Stories of North Central Florida,” at the Harn Museum of Art‘s Museum Nights this Thursday night! The performance, a partnership with Actors’ Warehouse, Inc., will take place 6:00-7:00PM in ...
  • Tale of Two Houses: A Dialogue on Black and Latinx History at UF
    Event: Tale of Two Houses: A Dialogue on Black and Latinx History at UF Date: Friday, March 30, 2018 Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Location: Pugh Hall – Ocora Join us for a discussion on the histories of the Institute of Black Culture (IBC) and the Institute of Hispanic/Latino Cultures (La Casita), including their founding and their entwined legacies. ...
  • Trinidad Study Abroad Registration Deadline Extended – March 30
    There is a registration deadline extension for our summer study abroad course in the historic and scenic Trinidad & Tobago. If interested please apply at: International Center (University of Florida International Center UFIC) by Friday, March 30th. Check out the program and course offerings, and join us in Trinidad & Tobago! Read more "Trinidad Study Abroad Registration Deadline ...
  • “Voices of Dreamers” Students fundraising for SOHA Conference in LA
    Since launching the “Voices of Dreamers” project to conduct interviews with undocumented students, our students are now fundraising to share their research at the Southwestern Oral History Conference at Cal State Fullerton this April. Read more "“Voices of Dreamers” Students fundraising for SOHA Conference in LA"
  • “Voices From The March” Students Fundraise to Perform at SOHA Conference After headlining the 2018 UF Social Justice Summit this past January Voices from the March will be traveling to California this April to perform at the Southwest Oral History Association Annual Conference, hosted at California State University, Fullerton! Please help us raise money to assist in covering the travel and lodging costs for our cast. We have been working so ...
  • Applications Open for our Fall 2018 Internship!
    There have always been women, people of color, and queer folks in punk rock, both in the U.S. and throughout the wider world. Punks from countries as varied as Peru, Spain, Indonesia, Russia, and beyond have braved incarceration, religious re-education camps, and even forced disappearances in honoring the lifestyle and artistic expression that they have ...
  • Safe Spaces: Episode 3 – “Miracle On 13th Street”
    In this latest episode of our podcast series Safe Spaces, Anupa Kotipoyna looks back at the creation of the India Cultural and Education Center (ICEC) in Gainesville, Florida. Read more "Safe Spaces: Episode 3 – “Miracle On 13th Street”"
  • Art of Aging
    In the summer of 2017 SPOHP partnered with UF College of Medicine, to develop an oral history segment for the Geriatrics Medicine Clerkship, a required rotation for all 4th year medical students that Dr. Otto directs. SPOHP’s Ryan Thompson took on leadership for its half of the partnership. This marked the beginning of another significant ...

For additional information, contact SPOHP, call the offices at (352) 392-7168, and connect with us online today.