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Veterans History Project (VHP)

The Veterans History Project, founded in 2000, is a collection of 300+ oral history interviews with veterans from military conflicts from the Civil War to present day in partnership with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.



Archival Collections


Workshop on Collecting Veteran’s Oral History Interviews , September 2018

Ongoing Research

The Veteran’s History Project is one of the program’s longest-running collections, organized after the Library of Congress approached SPOHP in 2000 to collect oral histories with World War II veterans for the nationwide Veteran’s History Project.

Research topics include a range of military conflicts, including oral histories veterans from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, military operations in Central America, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and more.

The broad scope of the Veteran’s History Project collection is owed to the determined work of its volunteers, led by Coordinator Ann Smith  and the entire team of dedicated community members who generously donate their time and energy.

We currently have 325 WWII interviews, with more every week.  We will be collecting some at The Atrium and have formed a meaningful partnership at Altrusa House. Altrusa House provides day care and has begun interviewing veterans. Nancy Hult and Ray Jones are willing to follow guidelines for SPOHP and for the Library Congress participation. We welcome their participation.

Matheson Oral History Project

The Matheson History Museum has had an oral history program intermittently since 1990. In 2017, it became sanctioned with the mission to formally gather, preserve, and promote living histories of individuals in Alachua County. Matheson History Museum partnered with the Samuel Proctor Oral history program in mid-2017 to facilitate the preservation of these oral histories.

In June of 2017, a public program was offered to the public for those interested in becoming involved as volunteers. Subsequent workshops were held to assure the protocols for the interviews and transcription. As of March 2018, there are eight active volunteers engaged in this collection of valuable local stories.

Although the Matheson Library and Archives has some transcribed hard copies on file, others are available at online. Learn more about Matheson History Museum



Are You A Veteran?

If you or someone you know is interested in donating an oral history interview to the Veterans History Project, please call SPOHP at (352) 392-7168 or e-mail VHP Coordinator Ann Smith for more information.

Veterans Day Celebrations

Veterans History Project Events and Research News

  • Dr. Ortiz is teaching an intro to oral history course…
    SPOHP Director Dr. Paul Ortiz is teaching a course this spring on oral history! This interdisciplinary seminar is an intensive introduction to the theory and practice of oral history. Students will have access to the resources of the award-winning Samuel Proctor Oral History Program. We will learn the craft of oral history interviewing and digital production. We will study the ...
  • Scott Camil on “Winter Warrior”
    Vietnam War Veteran and  Veterans For Peace activist Scott Camil is the subject of a new graphic novel by Eve Gilbert titled Winter Warrior.  The book relays Camil’s life growing up in Florida in the 1960s as he was indoctrinated with anti-communist sentiment while also developing a deep seeded desire to fight for his country. After joining ...
  • Try To Keep Up With Us! Our Summer Newsletter is Here!
    We have packed this Summer 2018 edition of our newsletter Moving Right Along full of the many things that have been going on at SPOHP. To take a look at all the amazing things SPOHP has been up to, click on: Read more "Try To Keep Up With Us! Our Summer Newsletter is Here!"
  • Take a Look at Our Veteran’s History Project
    The Veteran’s History Project, founded in 2000, is a collection of 300+ oral history interviews with veterans from military conflicts from the Civil War to present day in partnership with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Read more "Take a Look at Our Veteran’s History Project"
  • Telling Gainesville: A Film Screening
    Please join military veterans and their families for a special Veterans Day film screening of the play “Telling Gainesville.” Telling Gainesville is part of a nationwide initiative by the National Endowment for the Humanities that connects civilian audiences with veterans in a creative, supportive environment. “Telling Gainesville” ran to standing-room- only audiences at the Actor’s Warehouse ...
  • 50th Anniversary of the Attack on the USS Liberty
    On June 8th, 1967, Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats launched a ferocious two-hour attack on and attempted to sink the USS Liberty as she sailed under a U.S. Flag in International waters. Of the 294 men aboard the vessel, 34 were killed and 174 were wounded by a well-coordinated, multi-wave assault that included the use ...
  • Spring 2017 Internship Class Podcasts: Civic Engagement
    With the help of coordinators Raja Rahim and Ryan Thompson, the Spring 2017 interns produced podcasts about Civic Engagement at the University of Florida. University of Florida Digital Collections Archive To date, 90+ oral history podcast pieces are available on the University of Florida’s Digital Collections website, including final projects for internship classes, as well as the original ...
  • Former SPOHP Director Julian M. Pleasants Releases New Book
    “A powerful book; a tale of heroism, volunteerism, and sacrifice.”—Gary R. Mormino, author of Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida “Personal anecdotes humanize the narrative and add a poignant impact. The use of newspaper editorials also provides an understanding of how North Carolinians responded to the war.”—Melton A. McLaurin, author ...
  • Fall 2017 Internship Applications Are Now Available
    The Fall 2017 Internship Application is now open!  SPOHP’s semester-long academic internship is available to graduate and undergraduate students for credit as an introduction to the field of oral history. The Fall 2017 Social Justice Initiatives internship offers a space for students to pursue their own interests in social justice research through training and mentoring in oral ...
  • Gainesville 8: Episode 3 (Final Cut)     In this final installment of SPOHP volunteer John Paul Lorie’s three-part podcast on the Gainesville Eight, we hear the story of the federal government’s indictment of the Eight on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the 1972 Republican National Convention. We hear the lawyer for the defendants assess the prosecution’s case, and describe the legal strategy ...

Contact the Veterans History Project

Funding and Research Sponsorship

The Veterans History Project is supported entirely by volunteers in partnership with the Veterans History Project through the American Folklife Center with the Library of Congress. VHP works with groups in The Villages, Ocala, and Gainesville.

For additional information, contact SPOHP, call the offices at (352) 392-7168, and connect with us online today.