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An Overview of Past AAHP Workshops

Community Oral History Workshop: Lawtey, FL (July 20,2011)

The Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church of Lawtey invited SPOHP to conduct an oral history workshop, meet and interview community members who marched in St. Augustine during The Movement. Marna Weston lead a workshop with a live interview and post interview discussion.

Community Oral History Workshop: Starke, FL (July 12, 2011)

Jacqueline Totura & the Women’s Club of Starke invited SPOHP to discuss oral history collection and its relevance at the Bradford County Public Library. Marna Weston lectured on previous oral history interview experiences, scheduled future interviews, and fielded audience questions. The event was videotaped by the Women’s Club.

Community Oral History Workshop: High Springs, FL (June 30, 2011)

Reverend Byran Williams and the congregation of Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church in High Springs Florida again invited SPOHP to an evening of community reflections on the local impact of the Civil Rights Movement. Marna Weston conducted a second live oral history interview and entertained questions from the audience.