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Safe Spaces: Episode 2 – “Friends with Weapons”


This episode of the Safe Spaces series focuses on an African American armed defense organization that protected Civil Rights Movement demonstrators in Ocala, Florida in the 1960s. Challenging the misconception that the Civil Rights Movement was based entirely on non-violence, the story of the Ocala Hunting and Fishing Club illustrates the diversity of the Movement and offers an example of the complexity of tactics that various local communities needed to deploy in order to protect the people while they fought for their rights. In understanding current debates on “safe spaces,” it is important to understand the efforts historically required of marginalized groups in the U.S. to ensure that they could even do things such as openly discuss their rights as American citizens.

Featured interviews include: AAHP-138B Cranford Ronald Coleman, AAHP-329 Ocala Hunting and Fishing Club, AAHP-358A Ann Pinkston, AAHP-360 Dorsey Miller, AAHP-362B Dan Harmeling, AAHP-367 May Stafford, AAHP-384 Juanita Cunningham, AAHP-385 William James, AAHP-386 David Rackard, AAHP-390 Fred Pinkston

Featured music artists include:


Photo: (State Archives of Florida/Hackett.)