Ottoman Greeks of the United States (OGUS)

The Ottoman Greeks of the United States project (OGUS) is a multifaceted endeavor to preserve and promote the history of immigrants from the Ottoman Empire to the United States. The OGUS project focuses on the chronological period of 1904 – 1924 in order to illuminate the peak in immigration from specific regions of the Ottoman Empire to the United States during that time. Those regions were Asia Minor, Eastern Thrace, Imbros, Tenedos, the Marmara and Princes’ Islands.


Archival Collections

There are four archival components that are all currently held by the project’s founder, George Topalidis. The first archival component is an oral history archive that currently contains over 100 interviews. Next is a photograph archive that currently contains over 500 photographs. Furthermore, the project contains a three-dimensional object digital archive with over 50 objects. And finally, the document archive contains over 250 documents. This information will be used to generate academic publications and presentations, social media publications and presentations, blog articles, op-eds, podcasts, documentaries.

Ongoing Research

The following are the visits we have planned for interviews in 2018 – 2019 academic year.

May 2018 – Florida


Ottoman Greeks of the United States Events and Research News

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Contact the Ottoman Greeks of the United States Project

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If you or anyone you know would like to be interviewed, please contact OGUS coordinators at


For more information on the Otttoman Greeks in the United States project, visit its facebook page here or contact coordinator George Topalidis. Above photo from NYC Public Library, Ethnikos Kēryx, “Oi Ellēnes tēs Amerikēs Enischyontes to Ethnikon Komma,” October 17, 1916.